Mealstub Has Been Acquired

May 4, 2010

There has been much inquiry over the last few months as to what happend to the launch of Mealstub, and we regretfully have not responded very clearly. So first of all I would like to thank everyone for their continued interest through our silence.

So, why so silent? We are very pleased to announce Mealstub has been acquired by FlyMedia Inc., who owns and operates Forkfly, a successful mobile-social commerce service. ( At Mealstub we are a bunch of tech geeks. We love building world class technology. FlyMedia has an extremely talented team of marketing, sales and social media experts. FlyMedia’s seasoned team was a perfect fit to fill the gaps the Mealstub team lacked, and vice versa. Also, Mealstub offers FlyMedia an enhanced product suite to bolster future versions of Forkfly. Stay tuned…

What About My Credit?

Many of you have signed up for our pre-launch $5.00 credit. Great news, FlyMedia has agreed to transfer your credit to their upcoming service. So never fear your credit is safe with FlyMedia.

We will keep all of you in the loop via email and through the Forkfly blog ( in regards to redeeming your credit. Once again we want to thank everyone for your support in launching Mealstub and look forward to your support in the future as a FlyMedia product. Is On Point, On Time, and ONLINE!

December 14, 2009

After months of careful planning and effective collaboration with local restaurant partners, is proud to announce its beta launch in Portland, OR. is partnering with local restaurants to offer promotional discounts on area dining. Site members, or mealstubbers, will have the opportunity to participate in securing these discounts by interacting with a countdown timer to select the desired promotions—called stubs —before the clock expires.

And could not have selected a better locale to be the birthplace of its regional restaurant promotion service. Not only is Portland home to a wide variety of bistros, cafes, and other eateries committed to providing the finest local cuisine, but the Pacific Northwest is also teeming with adventurous food lovers. successfully brings the two together with its exciting and innovative promotional dining website.

cermony scissor pic

Membership is free and simple. Just log on to and complete the registration form.

In addition to offering Portland area dining promotions, is committed to providing its members with worthwhile information on up-and-coming local restaurants. Site plans are underway to feature new restaurant profiles, offer reviews, and even showcase local mealstubbers.

Without the continued cooperation of our area restaurant partners, would not be able to cross this exciting launch threshold. We offer our wholehearted thanks to Portland area eateries for their active participation and generosity.

While Portland, Oregon is the first city to experience, it is by no means the last. We are working diligently with area partners in many cities to bring new venues on line.

Be sure to log on to often to check for updated “stubbing” locations. A great meal at a great price is just a mouse-click away! is launching in early January 2010.

The Deal With The New

December 5, 2009

How The New Works?

deals-featured-tag-bgThe new Mealstub is so so simple you are going to be amazed!!! We work with our restaurant partners to sell gift certificates also known as stubs to you the user. So a restaurant partner offers us a discount on a gift certificate and we pass the savings along to you. For example, they might allow us to sell a $25 stub for $10. So more or less you just saved $15 to try a new restaurant. You get a deal to try something new and the restaurant gets the opportunity to win you as a customer. Win Win for everyone!!

How Do You Get This Great Deal?

You visit our site everyday and take a look at what the deal this day has to offer. You review the restaurant; remember this is so simple you are not bothered with tons of deals you are given just one deal at a time. If that restaurant is something that interests you, maybe you like the location or the food, you can purchase the gift certificate right off our site. Just like any online purchase you enter your credit card number and boom right away we email you a stub that you can take into the restaurant and use that same day if you want.

What Is The Catch?

Well, in fact there are none!! What you see is what you get. We work hard with our restaurant partners to make sure our stubs have very few limits (if any at all). We just will simply not offer a stub will limits like, “You must spend $100 or more, and only good between 4:00 – 4:15 on Sunday”. It is a gift certificate you can use it as if it was cash. If there are any limits they will be clearly stated on the stub right below the “Buy Stub” button. Unlike other sites the second you purchase the stub it will be emailed to you and you can use it right away. No waiting for the offer to end. Heck, if you used it the same day and like the restaurant buy another one before time runs out. In addition we will store your purchases in your account area on the site. You can always login and reprint your purchased stub (assuming you have not already used it).

Purchased The Stub On Your Smart Phone?

Yep, we have iPhone & Android applications in the works and they should be out soon. If you find yourself without a printer in the mean time just browse to your email or our site and get your stub code (unique number assigned to your purchase). If you just give the stub code to your server they can apply your stub to your bill. Printers are not always handy when you need them. We get that!!

Mealstub Learns & Creates New

December 1, 2009

At Mealstub we are lovers of two things: computers and restaurants. We love to hack away at our computers all day and then hit a great happy hour or a late night bite. Something, that both computer geek’ing and restaurants have in common is first impressions. If you download a new program or visit a new website and within a few seconds you are not captured you move on. Likewise, if you walk into a new restaurant and something does not settle well you might move on.

So where am I heading with this, you ask?? Well, our first attempt to create and launch did not turn out to be the success we hoped. While I am not proud that we failed, I am proud we realized it before we even left beta. As many of you know Mealstub was intended to be a free service for our Mealstubbers. We were offering one stub at a time that people could just snatch and add to their account for later use. Our goal was to highlight just one restaurant at a time so the restaurant would not get lost in some coupon directory. We nailed our goal but we also created a site that was way too complex

Sneak Peak Of New Site

Sneak Peak Of New Site

The site we built was great, but in beta testing we found all the policing we had to do to keep the site fair for all (including our restaurant partners) annoyed people a bit. We realized we founded our website on such a simple concept but we ended up making it so complex. Users would struggle to use it – which went against everything we stood for. So we tossed the site, pulled our plans to launch and started over. While our launch is 6 months late we think our users will love our new approach. Soon you will learn more about the new A Recipe for Savings

September 5, 2009, a soon-to-be-live online promotion site, offers its members valuable discounts on local cuisine. Though the web-coupon concept is not novel,’s approach is truly innovative. fuses the best features of familiar web discount services to bring remarkable restaurant promotions to its members in a practical but entertaining format. Part Craigslist and part eBay, with a pinch of ForkFly and a dash of Val Pak, has the recipe for great deals on local cuisine. concentrates its efforts solely on eateries, rather than a variety of merchants. By specializing in this one area, focuses on supplying site members with the best deals—also called stubs—on local cuisine and providing restaurant partners valuable advertising and exposure to help build clientele. However, forkfly-ers and Val Pak-ers needn’t choose—all of these “tastes” meld well together. is a great add-on to the forkfly and Val Pak services.

With a sprinkling of flavor from Craigslist, offers city-specific service. Site members have access to discounts specific to their geographic location. For instance, members in Portland, Oregon, Mealstub’s first go-live city, can grab valuable discounts for the Portland area. More cities are soon to be added to the site as well. expands its unique spice by employing a countdown timer similar to an eBay auction, although site members are not in competition with one another for promotions. Members must simply select the desired discounts before the timer expires. This interactive aspect lends an element of fun to the promotional process other sites don’t offer.

The gravy is found in member benefits, such as free membership, a personal account for banking stubs, ease of locating stubs (all promotions are featured prominently on the site home page), and the opportunity to try new local restaurants while saving money. combines these ingredients to plate up a smart, edgy entree for its site members and restaurant partners. Bon appétit!

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Mealstubber?

September 2, 2009

Wanted: Budget-conscious consumers to experience innovative promotion service for great local restaurant deals. Insatiable curiosity of area eateries a plus. Applicant should have strong desire to save time and money. Benefits commensurate with mouse-clicking skill. Position open to all interested parties. Experience not necessary. Must love food., an exciting, new, promotional website, is currently looking for enterprising epicures and fun-loving foodies to fill site member—a.k.a. mealstubber—positions. partners with area restaurants to bring its members the best deals on local cuisine in an interactive, entertaining format.

Valuable local restaurant discounts, called stubs, are made available to mealstubbers in an edgy “beat the clock” format. Each stub is featured for a limited time, marked by a countdown timer. Stubs will often have a face value in the double digits and will be specific for restaurants in the stubber’s geographic location. Portland, Oregon is the first launch city, with many others soon to follow.

The perfect mealstubber candidate will exercise shrewd selection skill and snatch the desired stubs before time expires. And the sharpest stubbers will check the site regularly for the latest restaurant deals. members may print snatched stubs immediately or bank them for later use.

Physical demands of the position are minimal—a single finger for clicking and an eye on the clock. Desirable candidates will also possess a strong sense of yumminess and a great passion for food and drink.

Mealstubber perks include free site membership, a personal account for stub storage, opportunities to try local eateries while saving money and time, and the thrill of discovering and snatching great local restaurant deals.

To apply for stubber-ship, log on to, complete the free and simple registration form, and start stubbing! No applicant denied!

Beat the Clock for a Meal on Your Block

August 15, 2009

Time is money. Authors and scholars—among them noted statesman Benjamin Franklin—have recognized this truth for centuries. We use the principle to govern economic society, and the adage has even been subject to scientific testing to prove its validity.

Fortunately,, a new, innovative online restaurant discount service, saves money and time by combining promotional discounts valid at area eateries with an interactive, practical selection format.

Members won’t waste time “digging” for cents-off nonsense. Promotional certificates—also called stubs—are never hidden beneath a series of convoluted links, but featured prominently on the site’s homepage, specific to a geographical location.

Stubs for local eateries are featured for a limited time, during which members, or stubbers, must select, or snatch, the desired promotion before a countdown timer expires. Each timer will be specific to its community, with times ranging from twenty minutes to an hour.

On the surface, the concept of using a countdown timer may seem unique, but the process has been carefully designed to make the most of a mealstubber’s time. Whereas some sites may feature that same old $3-off hot wing coupon for days on end, offers its members new choices 24 hours a day.

However, stubbers must “strike while the iron is hot.” To preserve the up-to-date feel of the site, promotions may not be offered again for some time, if at all. Such turnover ensures the site’s service remains efficient, fresh, and lively, while offering the best in current area promotions to its members.’s plans to go live in the city of Portland, Oregon and Sacramento, California within days, with other locations soon to follow.

With, time is money, and money never tasted better. Where Promotion Meets Palate

August 1, 2009

Driving home from work one day, a foodie spies a new cafe on a nearby corner. “I’d like to try that,” he thinks and continues on your way. Seeing it again the next day, the foodie reminds himself to check it out soon. And so it continues, the next day and the day after that, until one afternoon, the sign is gone and the windows soaped over. offers an innovative solution to this disappointing restaurants community scenario. In partnership with local eateries, brings discounts to food lovers while helping promote local restaurants. The service bridges the gap between menu and mouth, benefiting both the restaurants community and food lover.

In a city-specialized concept similar to Craigslist, offers local restaurant coupons, or stubs. For example, a customer in Chicago, IL will have access to discounts from local restaurant coupons specific to the Chicagoland area.

Stubs are made available to the consumer, or stubber, for limited time periods marked by a countdown timer. During the countdown, stubbers must select, or snatch, desired discounts before the clock expires.

Restaurant partners will offer at least three stubs at a time, but are able to enact up to three pre-approved restrictions per stub, such as “limit one per table.”

On the site, partners will be awarded a search-engine-optimized (SEO) profile with links to eatery home pages. Restaurants community partners will also have access to anonymous usage data for market analysis. With all this powerful information at your fingertip – not to mention viral word-of-mouth marketing for your establishment – hopes to help the restaurants community and local foodies unite!

During the beta launch of the site, local restaurants may join the community and issue stubs free of charge. Once the beta phase has ended, eateries may be assessed a nominal periodic fee, but business owners will be notified well in advance of any pricing changes.

By joining the community, local eateries can gain exposure, reach a larger population, and ultimately increase business, while customers enjoy delicious savings and satisfy their epicuriousity of community restaurants.

The Scoop on Stubs

July 11, 2009

Beyond being enjoyable, what do a concert, movie, theater play, and great local dining experience have in common?



That’s right. That little half-ticket reminder of a great experience.

What are you talking about? I’ve never heard of dinner stubs.

Maybe not, but soon everyone will be talking about them., in partner with eateries in your local area, is offering an online service designed to bring discounts on local dining straight to you. Site users have opportunities to collect gift certificates or dining coupons—hereafter called stubs—valid at local restaurants. A stub works like a ticket, except instead of gaining admission, you save money.

Coupons? Big deal.

“Big deal” is right! members can save a significant amount of money using stubs – making them more akin to gift certificates than coupons. Each stub available will typically have a worthwhile dollar value, often in the double digits.

What do you mean by ‘local’ restaurants?

The Mealstub concept is city-specific. Mealstub members select a location from the site menu, such as Portland or Atlanta. Once an area is chosen, stubs for that particular locale will be featured.

Portland, Oregon and Sacramento, California are the first cities to have Mealstub service, with many more to follow.

Okay, so I have my coupon, now what?

No, what you have is a stub, whose value is more in line with a gift certificate than a coupon. After all, coupons are for laundry detergent and toothpaste. users—stubbers—are too special for mere coupons. Stubs are worthwhile, gift-certificate-style promotions designed to satisfy both purse and palate.

Stubbers may redeem stubs at the participating restaurant per instructions.

Ugh. Another piece of paper to cart around in my wallet.

Not necessarily. With, stubbers can save stubs in a personal account until needed, then simply print them out, or present them via handheld device at the restaurant.

So, I log on, print out a coupon…er…stub…and that’s it?

Not quite.’s discount service stands apart by being interactive. Users must select—or snatch—stubs within a specified time period marked by a countdown timer. Certain stubs may only appear once or at certain intervals, so the best strategy is to snatch them while you can. Because stubs are offered in this way, stubbers should log on several times a day to grab the best deals around.

Restaurateurs may impose limits on some offers, but these must be pre-approved by, and they do not affect the dollar value of the stub.

Sounds great. How do I start?

Simply log onto and complete the free registration. Then start snatching!

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