The Scoop on Stubs

July 11, 2009

Beyond being enjoyable, what do a concert, movie, theater play, and great local dining experience have in common?



That’s right. That little half-ticket reminder of a great experience.

What are you talking about? I’ve never heard of dinner stubs.

Maybe not, but soon everyone will be talking about them., in partner with eateries in your local area, is offering an online service designed to bring discounts on local dining straight to you. Site users have opportunities to collect gift certificates or dining coupons—hereafter called stubs—valid at local restaurants. A stub works like a ticket, except instead of gaining admission, you save money.

Coupons? Big deal.

“Big deal” is right! members can save a significant amount of money using stubs – making them more akin to gift certificates than coupons. Each stub available will typically have a worthwhile dollar value, often in the double digits.

What do you mean by ‘local’ restaurants?

The Mealstub concept is city-specific. Mealstub members select a location from the site menu, such as Portland or Atlanta. Once an area is chosen, stubs for that particular locale will be featured.

Portland, Oregon and Sacramento, California are the first cities to have Mealstub service, with many more to follow.

Okay, so I have my coupon, now what?

No, what you have is a stub, whose value is more in line with a gift certificate than a coupon. After all, coupons are for laundry detergent and toothpaste. users—stubbers—are too special for mere coupons. Stubs are worthwhile, gift-certificate-style promotions designed to satisfy both purse and palate.

Stubbers may redeem stubs at the participating restaurant per instructions.

Ugh. Another piece of paper to cart around in my wallet.

Not necessarily. With, stubbers can save stubs in a personal account until needed, then simply print them out, or present them via handheld device at the restaurant.

So, I log on, print out a coupon…er…stub…and that’s it?

Not quite.’s discount service stands apart by being interactive. Users must select—or snatch—stubs within a specified time period marked by a countdown timer. Certain stubs may only appear once or at certain intervals, so the best strategy is to snatch them while you can. Because stubs are offered in this way, stubbers should log on several times a day to grab the best deals around.

Restaurateurs may impose limits on some offers, but these must be pre-approved by, and they do not affect the dollar value of the stub.

Sounds great. How do I start?

Simply log onto and complete the free registration. Then start snatching!

Forget Meatloaf Mondays — Is On the Way!

July 4, 2009

Can you afford to enjoy a nice meal out in this economy?

Absolutely!, a new online money-saving experience, is nearing its beta launch. Partnering with local restaurants, features valuable, one-of-a-kind promotions designed to make dining-out economical and fun.

Forget about pizza coupons plopped beneath your windshield wipers or takeout menus crammed into your mailbox. The innovative and interactive website makes affordable dining edgy, fast, and engaging by utilizing a clever “get-’em-while-they’re-hot” format for restaurant coupons.

Valuable local restaurant coupons, or stubs, will be posted along with a countdown timer. You must then select, or snatch, the promotions before they expire. Users may bank a controlled number of stubs for future use, but the trick is to snatch your stub before the timer expires, as the promotion may not appear again for quite some time (if at all)! Serious yum-seekers will want to check the site several times a day to take advantage of the best local restaurant coupons in town. is within days of going live in the Portland, Oregon area. Sacramento, California is soon to follow, and other regions will be added as the service expands, each offering valuable local dining promotions.

Because offers the convenience of print-and-go or mobile device service, your purse or wallet will no longer be over-crowded with crumpled printable restaurant coupons you never manage to redeem. And, unlike other discount voucher sites, deals are easy to find, snatch, and use. There is no mire of links to wade through for mere cents-off schemes. deals are prominently posted on the site’s home page and offer significant dollar value to the food lover.

Created to serve both commerce and consumer, fills the desires of both restaurateurs and food lovers. Restaurant partners benefit from promotional advertising and exposure, while foodies reap the rewards of budget-friendly fine dining.’s launch is just around the corner – get your mouse fingers ready!

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