A Recipe for Savings

September 5, 2009, a soon-to-be-live online promotion site, offers its members valuable discounts on local cuisine. Though the web-coupon concept is not novel,’s approach is truly innovative. fuses the best features of familiar web discount services to bring remarkable restaurant promotions to its members in a practical but entertaining format. Part Craigslist and part eBay, with a pinch of ForkFly and a dash of Val Pak, has the recipe for great deals on local cuisine. concentrates its efforts solely on eateries, rather than a variety of merchants. By specializing in this one area, focuses on supplying site members with the best deals—also called stubs—on local cuisine and providing restaurant partners valuable advertising and exposure to help build clientele. However, forkfly-ers and Val Pak-ers needn’t choose—all of these “tastes” meld well together. is a great add-on to the forkfly and Val Pak services.

With a sprinkling of flavor from Craigslist, offers city-specific service. Site members have access to discounts specific to their geographic location. For instance, members in Portland, Oregon, Mealstub’s first go-live city, can grab valuable discounts for the Portland area. More cities are soon to be added to the site as well. expands its unique spice by employing a countdown timer similar to an eBay auction, although site members are not in competition with one another for promotions. Members must simply select the desired discounts before the timer expires. This interactive aspect lends an element of fun to the promotional process other sites don’t offer.

The gravy is found in member benefits, such as free membership, a personal account for banking stubs, ease of locating stubs (all promotions are featured prominently on the site home page), and the opportunity to try new local restaurants while saving money. combines these ingredients to plate up a smart, edgy entree for its site members and restaurant partners. Bon appétit!

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Mealstubber?

September 2, 2009

Wanted: Budget-conscious consumers to experience innovative promotion service for great local restaurant deals. Insatiable curiosity of area eateries a plus. Applicant should have strong desire to save time and money. Benefits commensurate with mouse-clicking skill. Position open to all interested parties. Experience not necessary. Must love food., an exciting, new, promotional website, is currently looking for enterprising epicures and fun-loving foodies to fill site member—a.k.a. mealstubber—positions. partners with area restaurants to bring its members the best deals on local cuisine in an interactive, entertaining format.

Valuable local restaurant discounts, called stubs, are made available to mealstubbers in an edgy “beat the clock” format. Each stub is featured for a limited time, marked by a countdown timer. Stubs will often have a face value in the double digits and will be specific for restaurants in the stubber’s geographic location. Portland, Oregon is the first launch city, with many others soon to follow.

The perfect mealstubber candidate will exercise shrewd selection skill and snatch the desired stubs before time expires. And the sharpest stubbers will check the site regularly for the latest restaurant deals. members may print snatched stubs immediately or bank them for later use.

Physical demands of the position are minimal—a single finger for clicking and an eye on the clock. Desirable candidates will also possess a strong sense of yumminess and a great passion for food and drink.

Mealstubber perks include free site membership, a personal account for stub storage, opportunities to try local eateries while saving money and time, and the thrill of discovering and snatching great local restaurant deals.

To apply for stubber-ship, log on to, complete the free and simple registration form, and start stubbing! No applicant denied!

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