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December 1, 2009

At Mealstub we are lovers of two things: computers and restaurants. We love to hack away at our computers all day and then hit a great happy hour or a late night bite. Something, that both computer geek’ing and restaurants have in common is first impressions. If you download a new program or visit a new website and within a few seconds you are not captured you move on. Likewise, if you walk into a new restaurant and something does not settle well you might move on.

So where am I heading with this, you ask?? Well, our first attempt to create and launch did not turn out to be the success we hoped. While I am not proud that we failed, I am proud we realized it before we even left beta. As many of you know Mealstub was intended to be a free service for our Mealstubbers. We were offering one stub at a time that people could just snatch and add to their account for later use. Our goal was to highlight just one restaurant at a time so the restaurant would not get lost in some coupon directory. We nailed our goal but we also created a site that was way too complex

Sneak Peak Of New Site

Sneak Peak Of New Site

The site we built was great, but in beta testing we found all the policing we had to do to keep the site fair for all (including our restaurant partners) annoyed people a bit. We realized we founded our website on such a simple concept but we ended up making it so complex. Users would struggle to use it – which went against everything we stood for. So we tossed the site, pulled our plans to launch and started over. While our launch is 6 months late we think our users will love our new approach. Soon you will learn more about the new

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